Labonita Ghosh

~Senior Editor 

If Vibha Bakshi ever made a behind the-scenes documentary about her film SON RISE in Haryana, it might be as compelling as the original! 

SON RISE deals with some of the thorniest issues: Decades of female infanticide that have skewed the gender ratio, and led to a spate of crimes against women, from gang rapes and bride trafficking, to domestic violence. MUST WATCH!

Anuj Kumar

~Features Editor

SON RISE: Ordinary Sons of the Soil working for a new dawn in Haryana – infamous for its skewed sex ratio

Mallika Kapur

~Senior Editor, Bloomberg Live

SON RISE – A mandatory watch for every one!

Son Rise – The Real #HeforShe Movement

Heer Kothari

Fantastic film showcasing unprecedented need to save the girl child

Harinder Baweja

~ Features Editor and Veteran war journalist Hindustan Times

SON RISE – The film makes you cry and fills you with pride at the same time and that is no mean achievement. More power to you Vibha!


First time a film featured in the prestigious Hindustan Times 360° Campaign series let’s talk about #SON RISE

Twitter team

“Gender equality and parity is an important subject we support, we are pleased to partner with Vibha Bakshi and UN Women on the SON RISE movement as part of the larger #HeForShe initiative.”

Radhika Sarkar

SON RISE is Vibha Bakshi’s Cinematic Movement

Son Rise: Ordinary men in an ‘extraordinary’ fight

Sandip Pal

~Editorial Team, Desi Martini

Son Rise is an intense, compelling and a facund portrayal of why things are the way they are! SON RISE makes men equal collaborators in the struggle for gender equality.

Anushree Majumdar

~Senior Reporter

Award-winning filmmaker Vibha Bakshi trains her lens to the horrors of female foeticide in Haryana and discovers that all is not lost – there are still a few good men who want to fight for women’s rights, and perhaps, for the first time in their lives, are beginning to understand that they will have to combat other men at every step of the way

Alex Kuruvilla

~Condé Nast India’s Managing Director

Son Rise is a triumph of storytelling, social impact and exquisite craftsmanship.

Isha Gupta

In a world that is still dominated by men, filmmaker Vibha Bakshi ‘Son Rise’ paints an inspiring picture of gender equality

Dyuti Basu

WHEN THE SONS OF INDIA SPEAK: SON RISE shows a new side of the women’s rights movement

Isabelle Bonsignour

Son Rise sends a message of hope to its audience


Neeraj Kumar

~ Commissioner of Police Delhi during Nirbhaya’s rape and murder trial. 

SON RISE is going to catapult you into the stratosphere of name and fame, please mark my words. My best wishes to the team of SON RISE to make this film into a global movement.

Amit Chandra


SON RISE : India’s fight for what’s right for its women & girls: Had the privilege to see this amazing documentary made by Vibha Bakshi on this hugely important topic. Set inside the heartlands of Haryana, it tells the amazing stories of brave men who have endured incredible odds to fight for what’s right for women and girls and become role models in the process…doing so simply because it was the right thing to do.

Heeral Ingle


Son Rise is a step towards discussion, thinking, talking about issues more openly in each household, neighborhood, everywhere. I hope this is a revolution India needs desperately. Many Congratulations to the entire cast & crew. It was indeed a hard hitting movie.

Tara Sharma


Vibha Bakshi take a bow! Such an important #film on #genderequality and so refreshing to see not just #women and #girls fights for justice but to also touchingly show the amazing, sensitive and strong #men who fight for those women’s rights too.

Pinky Reddy

~President, FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO)

“Gender balance can be achieved by engaging men in their initiatives to ensure equality for women in the society. FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) is proud to extend its all India support to the United Nations (UN) HeForShe campaign and Vibha Bakshi’s latest documentary film ‘Son Rise’ which has men as heroes for gender rights.

Aisha de Sequeira

~CEO Morgan Stanley

Vibha Bakshi’s incredible documentary Son Rise brings the message for an urgent need for us to act NOW through the stories of incredible men who are leading the change.

Vibha – only you could have brought this story of injustice and hope together. The end was no fairy tale. There is a lot to be done. Thank you – it’s not something we should forget tomorrow.

Roshika Kumari Singh

~IFC – International Finance Corporation

Son Rise’ an incredible documentary covering today’s reality in Haryana, India of female foeticide, gender based violence and a patricharchal system that is only just starting to change. Recognising the champions of change and building awareness of frightening realities that are often kept hidden. Difficult issues eloquently explained…a must watch! Take a bow Vibha! 

Mahesh Dattani

~ Indian director, actor, playwright and writer

Saw the documentary Son Rise. One of the most powerful and disturbing documentary films I have seen in recent times. Yet the director Vibha Bakshi fills it with incredible hope. Beautifully shot by Attar Singh Saini. Don’t miss!

Govind Sankaranarayanan

~COO Tata Capital

#SONRISE – Truly the reason why Art exists to change all of us and make the most difference.

Manisha Nanda

~Academia. Dhirubhai Ambani International School

#SonRise – A powerful gender rights documentary film by Vibha Bakshi. Many of us just read about, discuss or reflect about the issue! Very few have the guts to walk the talk! Hats off to you Vibha! A must watch by every Indian!

Raell Padamsee

~-  Indian theatre personality and CEO & Managing Director of ACE Productions & Numero Uno Productions

Congratulations on such a powerful film SON RISE. The piece de resistance was having the amazing men featured in your film of on stage. Overwhelming!