SON RISE is filmed in rural Haryana, a strongly patriarchal state, bordering India’s capital, New Delhi. Illegal, yet rampant female foeticide, has led to the eerie absence of girls in hundreds of villages, giving the region the notorious title ‘The land of Daughter Killers’ (kuri mar khshetar)This sex-ratio imbalance has resulted in the dangerous increase of unmarried men, and the trafficking of “brides” from other parts of India. In turn, this has led to a worsening law and order situation, with an unprecedented epidemic of crimes against women. 

Exposing these darkest corners, the film maker finds, all may not be lost: In this unlikeliest place, she follows ‘ordinary’ men doing the ‘extraordinary’ in the struggle for women’s rights and gender justice. From a forward-thinking village chief and father of two daughters, fighting for women to enter the male-dominated arena of local-politics – to a farmer who, in an arranged marriage, defies society by marrying a gang rape survivor.

Can these glimmers of a changing paradigm in SON RISE be the rays of hope we have been looking for?